Acumen XR10 digital rearview mirror dashcam

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Acumen XR10 Digital Rearview Mirror Dashcam

The Acumen XR10 digital rearview mirror dash cam is now available on Amazon. The Acumen XR10 digital rearview mirror is a smart and innovative dashcam that comes with dual-lens 1080P recording.

Build and Design

When handling the Acumen XR10 digital rearview mirror, you can tell immediately that they are well designed and manufactured. The look of Acumen XR10 is like a traditional rearview mirror. The screen is completely tinted, so even when you turn the digital mirror off, it can still help you filter out the strong light behind you. The feel of the XR10 digital rearview mirror is of premium quality. All cables connect to the top of the digital screen which is easier for them to be tucked away. The lens is extendable and you can adjust the lens to fit your factory rearview mirror.


Main Features


Equipped with ADAS, the XR10 digital rearview mirror comes with the intelligent driver assistance system. With the advanced algorithm, the XR10 digital rearview mirror alerts you when your car drifts from its lane. It was designed to prevent car accidents caused by driver fatigue and distracted driving.

G – Sensor

The G-sensor, also known as the gravity sensor, triggers the dashcam to lock and secure footage when a sudden change in direction is sensed. When a collision is detected, the G-sensor will trigger the dashcam to lock and secure the footage. The G-sensor sensitivity level can also be tailored so that it will not record too many unnecessary footages while you are driving through a bumpy road.


The loop-recording design ensures the seamless recording no matter how much memory you have. And it will be split into 1 min, 2 min or 3 min video clips based on your needs. The digital rearview mirror automatically overwrites the old footage if no accidents happen. Whereas, the saved files will not be overwritten by these features. No worries that you may lose your saved files.

Parking Mode and Motion Detection

When you parked your car, don’t forget to turn the parking mode on. The parking mode will monitor your car when you are away. If your car got hit in the parking lot, the XR10 digital rearview mirror will automatically wake up and record 10 seconds and then turn off, capturing crucial evidence of the incident. Also, even if no collision is detected, the XR10 digital rearview mirror records any motion around the car, preventing your car from vandalism.

Included accessories

In the event of purchasing the Acumen XR10 Digital Rearview Mirror. You should expect to see the following items in the package: The digital rearview mirror, the rear camera and the cable, Power cable, User Manual, 16GB Memory card, 3M adhesive, Rubber elastic, and Microfiber cloth.

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