Acumen XR10 Digital Rearview Mirror Parking Monitoring

Parking Mode works differently depends on how you installed your digital rearview mirror

  1. If hardwired to the fuse box:

If the digital rearview mirror dash cam is hardwired to the vehicle’s fuse box, the digital rearview mirror is on 24/7. However, parking monitoring will be in the format of timelapse. You can set your setting to 1FPS (Frames Per Second), 2FPS or 5FPS. 

  1. If connected to the cigarette lighter: 

If the digital rearview mirror is powered by the cigarette lighter, the digital rearview mirror will shut down after the car is turned off. And there won’t be any timelapse videos for parking mode. 

However, in the event of an collision while parking, no matter whether it is hardwired to the fuse box or is connected to the cigarette lighter, the g-sensor will trigger the digital rearview mirror lock the incident video to the segment that you set (1 min, 2 mins or 3 mins) so that even if you are not around when the accident happens, you will still be able to know what has happened to your car. 

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