Safety solutions for emergency vehicles

ambulance, emergency vehicle

Unlike private vehicles, emergency vehicles play a significant role in critical situations. As a means of rescue, emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks and ambulances were expected to arrive at the scene within a certain amount of time. However, emergencies are usually unpredictable. Even though emergency vehicles always have the right of the road, high speed and complex driving environments may still cause accidents for emergency vehicles. Moreover, due to the excessive size of emergency vehicles, the drivers may not be able to identify vehicles in the blind spots, thus making it impossible to take corrective moves to avoid an accident. Accidents that happen to emergency vehicles which not only cause damage to the vehicle itself but also waste valuable rescue time for others. Therefore, to ensure the driving safety of emergency vehicles is of great importance. 


In order to protect the safety of emergency vehicles, many technologies that improve the driving safety of emergency vehicles have come into being. For example, emergency vehicles use tire burst protection systems to reduce puncture and apply the smart steering wheel design that helps drivers to concentrate on observing the changes in the road environment and control the vehicle in a timely and accurate manner. Also, fire trucks and ambulances are mostly painted in bright colors, making it easier for vehicles on the road to see them to clear space for them to pass through. Although these technologies increase the driving safety of emergency vehicles to a certain extent, they are far from enough. Therefore, Acumen hereby proposes a security camera system that can help elevate the driving safety and driving experience of emergency vehicle drivers. 


Acumen digital rearview mirror deploys state of the art live video streaming technology to provide emergency vehicle drivers an unobstructed view of the traffic behind. The wide-angle lens can easily cover three lanes of road, which makes it easier for drivers to identify vehicles in their blind spots when merging or changing lanes, and thus avoid the accident from happening. Acumen digital rearview mirror can provide more than live video feed. The built-in gravity sensor can trigger the dashcam to lock the footage when an external force is detected whenever the vehicle is in motion or parking mode. Yet not all the emergency vehicles are identical which makes it hard for companies and organizations to order the right equipment for various emergency vehicles. Acumen has dedicated itself to the design and manufacturing of car camera systems over ten years and is proud to offer accommodations to different vehicles to meet the customer’s needs. 


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