Car accidents happen every day on the street and highways throughout the United States. As a car’s black box, the importance of having a dash cam on your car is self-evident. It can record and store everything that happens on the road, and solve the tricky problems of fault determination and protect drivers against insurance scams. Dash Cams are gradually becoming an essential gadget for almost all drivers, let alone its importance in the fleet management industry.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of the logistics industry, fleet management companies need to strengthen the monitoring of vehicles to ensure the safety of its vehicles and drivers. Therefore, Acumen launched the latest Digital Rearview Mirror dual-channel dashcam product line which strives to optimize fleet management efficiency and improve driving safety.

Best Fleet Dash CamAcumen Digital Rearview Mirror series products feature live video feed, wide-angle recording, 24/7 monitoring and satellite positioning (optional) to help drivers enhance the driving experience. Acumen Digital Rearview Mirror dash cam deploys a new generation of audio and video process systems, combined with H.264 video compression, satellite positioning, and other technologies, to provide rich driving data to facilitate more effective management for fleet management companies and commercial fleet vehicles.

The dual HD cameras can capture up to 30fps and provide rich, detailed and extremely smooth video streaming. The video stream can be stored on a high-capacity SD card, and the video playback can be watched on the screen as needed later which would be beneficial for fleet managers to better understand what happened before and after the incident and provide video evidence in the event of a false claim.

At the same time, the device can be integrated with external GPS to provide detailed vehicle data, such as time, location, speed, etc. Also, when the vehicle encounters a collision or other emergency events, the Acumen digital rearview mirror will automatically save the related video clips to a separate file named “events” so that fleet managers don’t have to sift through hours of video.

To efficiently manage a commercial fleet requires considerable labor and financial resources to ensure the safety and orderliness of the vehicles and drivers. Acumen is here to provide a solution.  Acumen digital rearview mirrors are ideal for commercial-grade fleet managers and are ideally suited for various industries, such as rental car businesses, long-distance freight, logistics, and law enforcement units. Acumen digital rearview mirror has three driving recorders available for purchase. Acumen can also provide a complete set of customized services for special vehicle installation. For more information please contact us via

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