Despite 60% less traffic at night, car accidents happen 40% more than in the daytime. The impaired lighting condition is the major cause of car accidents. Human eyes need light to see in order to make quick decisions. However, during nighttime, the combinations of dim street lights and bright headlights from the opposite direction can severely impair a driver’s vision at night, and thus increase the chance of causing an accident. Beyond the impaired vision at night, speeding, driving under influence, and drowsing driving also added danger on the road during nighttime. Therefore, drivers need to be extra cautious driving at night. 


In general, the light transmission and sensitivity of the lens determine its ability to capture the picture in a dark light environment. The higher the transparency and sensitivity, the stronger the ability to capture the picture. To ensure that you can capture what’s happening at night, the Acumen digital rearview mirror is equipped with a great night vision. It features F1.9 aperture and a 6-layer glass lens which optimizes light transmittance and ensures excellent image quality even in compromised lighting conditions. 


In addition, the image sensor with excellent performance of Acumen digital rearview mirror dash cam is also an important factor to ensure its perfect night vision performance. The Acumen image sensor makes the photosensitive area larger and the images sharper; and the fast-processing chip also allows the Acumen driving recorder to have a faster response speed, enabling Acumen digital rearview mirrors to quickly adapt to the changing lights while driving. 


Acumen digital rear view mirrors also apply anti-reflective coating on the digital screen. There are multiple benefits of the anti-reflective coating. First, anti-reflective coatings provide sharper and clear vision than what’s offered with uncoated screens. Additionally, AR coatings help in reducing eye fatigue. When you use an anti-reflective coating, your eyes are protected against glare and thus reduce eye strain while driving. 


The advantages of Acumen digital rearview mirror dash cams are far more than these. Its stylish design, 24/7 parking monitoring, wide-angle recording, seamless loop-recording and accident detection are waiting to be discovered. 


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