What is wifi in a dash cam?


If you own a dash cam or have ever had a dash cam before, you must have known that in order to view dash cam footage, you will have to take out the SD card and insert it into a computer. This is not very convenient in the case of an accident when you need to provide evidence to the police officers to help them determine the fault. 


Even though this problem has already been solved by the digital rearview mirror dash cams which have the playback feature, the sharing of the footage is still a hassle. That’s the main reason why Acumen has been dedicating to develop the wifi feature on a dash cam. 


Unlike home wifi, the wifi feature in a dash cam won’t provide you with internet access. Instead, the wifi feature in a dash cam enables you to pair your phone with your dash cam so that you can gain access to your dash cam footage through the app. 


This can be very helpful if you need to show crucial footage to the police officers at the scene or to share your wonderful road trip footage with your friends and families.

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