The 2020 Father’s Day is around the corner. Have you gotten your gift ready? Or are you still struggling to finish last-minute shopping as I do? If you were like me, here is a perfect gift that can save you from browsing endless gift idea posts. A gift that can never go wrong- a digital rearview mirror dashcam!


As all the states are reopening their economies, traffic on the road is visibly getting worse. A digital rearview mirror dash cam cannot make the traffic disappear, but can definitely ease your driving anxiety. 


Acumen digital rearview mirror dash cams come with dual-channel cams that can not only record every moment on the road but also expand your field of vision while driving. With the rear camera installed by the license plate, the rear camera got nothing that could block its vision. The footage will be projected simultaneously to the digital mirror that replaces the function of the factory mirror. Of course, if you are not used to the digital screen, you may toggle between the traditional mirror and the digital mirror by pressing the button at the bottom of the digital rearview mirror. 


Even if you are using the digital rearview mirror as a regular rearview mirror, it can reduce more glare and reflection than your factory mirror, because all the digital mirrors are coated with anti-reflective coating that can greatly reduce glare caused by headlights and reflections from outside environments. 


The digital rearview mirror dash cams also come with accident detection and parking monitoring features. Let’s say, in the worst situation, you got involved in a car accident, what is the first thing you should worry about? Safety! Right? People may argue that getting evidence is equally important as it may financially hurt you. That’s the reason why you need a dashcam with an accident detection function. Acumen digital rearview mirror dash cams features loop recording and accident detection. It will automatically lock the footage once an accident is detected and save the relevant file to a separate folder to prevent it from being erased by loop recording. If hard-wired to the vehicle’s battery, the digital rearview mirror dash cam can provide 24/7 surveillance over your property, providing evidence of any type of incident, such as door dings, hit and run or window break-ins. 


Last but not least, happy father’s day to all fathers out there!

Photo by Arifur Rahman on Unsplash


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