World-leading car camera system manufacturer, Acumen, will attend the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, taking place from November 03- November 06, 2020.

Acumen will be showcasing its most popular digital rearview mirrors as well as the upcoming models, including:

XR10: The very first and the most popular digital rearview mirror dash cam, featuring dual-channel 1080p recording, accident detection, loop-recording, and 24/7 parking monitoring.

XR10 Plus: The upcoming front and rear digital rearview mirror dashcam that shoots 2K videos at 60fps. 

XR10 Max: On top of all the features of Acumen XR10, XR10 Max comes with a 12.88” LCD display. 

XR10 Pro: Acumen’s upcoming digital rearview mirror dashcam, featuring Wi-Fi and app connectivity. 

M3: Acumen’s latest three-channel digital rearview mirror dashcam monitors your vehicle both inside and outside.

M4: Acumen’s latest quad FHD definition recording digital rearview mirror dashcam provide all-around protection to your vehicle, eliminates all the blind spots while driving.   

M5: Combines cutting-edge safety features with 4G LTE connectivity and Cloud integration. 

D10: Acumen’s budget choice, with FHD/HD dual-lens recording. 

Acumen will be offering demos and product catalogs at the SEMA show. To learn more about Acumen, attendees are welcomed to stop by Acumen’s booth #11722, located in the north hall of Las Vegas’s convention center, to get hands-on experience with Acumen’s latest digital rearview mirror products. To get a quote for bulk order, please fill out the wholesale registration form, and our sales representative will contact you shortly. 



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