Cargo vans are the most essential tools for businesses of all sizes. However, driving a cargo van or managing a cargo van fleet can be challenging. Due to the size and the weight of a cargo van, driving a cargo van can be very different from driving a small sedan or SUV. Therefore, we have summarized several safety tips for cargo van drivers as well as cargo van fleet managers. 

  1. Know Your Blind Spot

The blind spot of the cargo van is the most common drawback of a cargo van. There are blind spots on every side of a cargo van. Since cargo vans usually have no windows, it gives cargo van drivers great challenge when backing up. Suggestions are checking the surroundings before backing up, having a passenger assist backing up if possible, and install a backup camera outside the vehicle on the license so that the cargo won’t block the camera view. 

        2. Keep distance

A loaded cargo van can be very heavy. Commercial cargo vans can take on maximum loads of 2,000 lbs which makes it harder to stop than regular cars. Therefore a four-second rule should be applied to cargo vans. What is a four-second rule? The 4-second rule is to ensure drivers stay at least 4 seconds behind the car in front of them. 4 seconds is proven to be the adequate distance to prevent crashes, contradicting previous estimates of 2-3 seconds.

        3. Track locations and speed

Accidents do happen on the road, using fleet management tools to eliminate dangerous driving behaviors like speeding. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), speeding violations issued to US truckers have been consistently increasing. And the aftermath of speeding can be costly, speeding tickets, car accidents, fuel waste, and vehicle wear out. Tracking problematic speeding is now possible through the usage of GPS antennas. Acumen digital rearview mirrors are compatible with GPS antennas that provide location and speed information. 

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