GPS Module Firmware Update Instructions

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If you purchased Acumen GPS antennas and want to use it along with the digital rearview mirror dash cam, don’t forget to update the firmware before using it. Steps to update the firmware are as follow:

  1. Take out the SD card from the dashcam and insert it into your laptop or computer using the SD card reader.
  2. Go to the Acumen website to download the most up-to-date firmware.
  3. Copy and paste the firmware file into the SD card folder.                            SD
  4. Take out the SD card and insert it back to the dashcam.
  5. Wait for the dashcam to rewrite.                                                                      firmware update
  6. The dashcam will restart and then you’re done!                                           

Here is a video tutorial for the firmware update


What to expect?

  1. Directions and Speed on the display                                                                        directions and speed
  2. Coordinates and speed on the footage.

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