Rear-view Safety for Cargo Vans

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Due to the heavy load-delivery demands, many cargo vans are always packed with cargo which leaves the back window useless. Some cargo vans actually have no rear window or even rearview mirror at all. Stacking cargo to the top of the car absolutely maximizes the use of the cargo area but it may jeopardize the safety of the driver and everyone else on the road.

Because of the blocked field of vision, drivers couldn’t see the area right behind the car, chances of backup accidents increase significantly. It also makes it dangerous for drivers when merging or changing lanes on the freeway. Acumen has provided a solution for rear-view safety of cargo vans.

What makes Acumen stand out?
As an industry leader, Acumen has been dedicated to providing the best car camera system for decades. We know our driver’s pain point and we would like to help. The design of our digital rearview mirror is aimed to eliminate blind-spots caused by cargo, luggage, or any other obstructions. The water-proof rear camera installed on the license plate perfectly avoids all the potential obstructions, and the digital screen displays realtime rear camera footage with a clearer and broader view for the driver.

1080p Recording
Different from most backup cameras on the market that focuses on viewing, Acumen digital rearview mirrors also record everything that happens on the road. The video evidence can be used to recap the accident and help the law enforcement to determine the fault.

GPS compatibility
Acumen digital rearview mirrors are compatible with GPS antennas. Once you purchase and plug in the GPS antenna, your coordinates and speed information will be recorded in your footage. With a speed stamp on it can be a really good weapon to defend an unwanted speeding ticket.

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