Why you need a digital rearview mirror dash cam Installed for your teens.

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A dash camera is a small video camera installed in the front and rear of a vehicle to record what is going on in and around the surroundings of the car. The recordings are usually saved in a memory card, or a live feed is streamed to an app on a phone or tablet. Dash cameras are generally used for safety purposes and teaching aids.

Most teens look forward to being free to experience driving first-hand. Handing your new teen driver his driver’s license is just the start. Their safety is a major concern that should be put in mind. As a parent, it is your duty to try to ensure his safety when your teen driver is finally ready to get behind the wheels. With freedom comes a lot of responsibilities for both the teen drivers and parents and many teens are inexperienced and mental skills to control the new freedom they are acquiring.

It is easy for a new driver to get distracted by texting on the phone or even by other playful friends in the vehicle. This not only endangers the teen’s life but also other people in the vehicle. Therefore, as a parent, you should always be in the know about what is going on with your teen driver in real-time. Knowing your teen driver is not blasting loud music, over speeding, or moving with the wrong set of people is a very key part of their learning curve. Our dashcam also aids in teaching your teen to get better at driving and eliminate bad driving habits.

According to the American Family Mutual Insurance Company, installing a dash camera in your teen driver’s vehicle reduces the severity and frequency of harmful incidents by a whopping 70%. You cannot afford to be taking risks when there is a simple one move fix that puts your teen driver in check and puts your mind at rest.


When searching for a Digital rearview mirror dashcam for your teen drivers, here are a few things you should put into consideration:

  1. Resolution: Most dashcams nowadays feature at least 1080p resolution for both front and rear cameras. It’s to ensure the camera can capture vital details, such as license plate, signs and etc. You might also find there are 2K and 4K dashcams available on the market at a higher price which are good for recording road trips.
  2. Recording Angle: It’s very rare to find 360°dashcams on the market. Most dashcams feature 100° to 170° front and rear cameras which are wide enough to cover at least three lanes of the road.
  3. Real-time footage: More and more dashcams now feature a digital screen that streams live feed of the cameras. It is a new trend in making dashcams and it aims at enhancing driving safety to the drivers by widening the driver’s field of vision through the rear camera.
  4. Video Playback: Video playback is only available for the dashcams that have screens. It is not a must-have feature, but it does make it really easy when you need to prove who is at fault after an accident.
  5. Wi-Fi or 4G: Wifi and 4G make it possible to view your footage or photos directly from your phone. No more taking the memory card out of your dashcam and increase the chance of losing it. The difference between wifi and 4g is that. For wifi-powered dashcams, you can only download the footage within a short distance. Verse, the 4G powered dash cams allow you to access live dashcam footage wherever you are. But the downside is that you will have to pay for the cellular date if you would like to have this feature.


Acumen Digital rearview mirror dashcam also offers instant video playback to capture information of cars around for insurance purposes and police information in the case of an accident, robbery, or any unforeseen circumstances. Our dashcam will also make sure your teen is cautious and accountable for their actions making sure they do not misuse the newfound privileges.

Some teen drivers say they do not like dashcams installed in the car they drive. This is because they feel their privacy is being compromised and that they want to complete freedom. As a parent, you have to make them understand that it’s for their safety and your peace of mind. Giving them time to get used to our digital rearview mirror dashcam is also useful to make them comfortable and used to it. With time, they will understand that you didn’t install it to control them but for their good.

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