With wirelessly connected devices becoming so popular nowadays, Acumen is now Introducing the XR10 Plus, the Wi-Fi-powered digital rearview mirror dashcam. As an upgrade to the Acumen’s basic model, XR10, the XR10 plus features all the basic features that XR10 has, such as dual-lens 1080p recording, incident detection, loop recording, and parking monitoring. Beyond the basic features, Acumen XR10 plus integrated the Wi-Fi and app connectivity to ease the transfer of the data captured by the digital rearview mirror dashcam.


Check it out on our website: https://www.acumen-camera.com/xr10-plus/



Unlike traditional Wi-Fi networks, the digital rearview mirror dash cam Wi-Fi can not provide you with Internet access. Instead, it connects your digital rearview mirror with your phone which makes the download and viewing of your pictures and footage easier than ever. Now you may view, download and share your videos and footage without taking out the memory card!


How to use the Wi-Fi feature?

  1. Download the Acumen Cam App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.                                  Wifi and App Connectivity


  1. Go to settings and turn on “Wi-Fi CarCam”                                                                                                     wifi and app connectivity
  2. Go to your Wi-Fi settings and select “Acumen_XR10_Plus”                                                                          wifi and app connectivity
  1. Type in the password showed on the screen                                                                                                      wifi and app connectivity


  1. Once you are connected, you may open your AcumenCam app to view and download your pictures and footage.                                                                                                                                                              wifi and app connectivity


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