Car racing is thrilling for race car drivers, and it is equally enjoyable for people to watch. Being able to attend a real car race and capture the great moments would be a huge pleasure for all the race car drivers. In the year 2020 where most events were canceled due to Covid-19, Global Time Attack finale managed to take place in Buttonwillow Raceway. One of our clients was one of them. And they were able to use our digital rearview mirror dash cam to capture the thrilling moments in the race. 

Event: Global Time Attack Finale 2020

Location: Buttonwillow Raceway Park

Date: November 14-15, 2020

Carlos Valenzuela | Honda Civic Type R | Autofashion USA

Race car

The dash cam used in this race was Acumen’s newly released digital rearview mirror dash, the Acumen XR10 Plus. Acumen XR10 Plus is an upgrade to the XR10. Acumen XR10 Plus has all the features that XR10 has and plus the Wi-Fi and App connectivity, which makes the download and the sharing of your footage a breeze.

The Acumen XR10 Plus features dual-lens 1080p recording. With the front camera mounted onto your original rearview mirror, the dash cam is able to show us the driver’s eye view of the entire race. And, with the rear camera installed at the very end of the car, Acumen XR10 Plus can also capture other cars’ performance.

In addition to the video recording, XR10 Plus comes with an external GPS which logs speed data so that when you watch the playback, you will not only have the driving view but also you will be able to see the accurate speed while accelerating or turning. 

Below is the footage captured on the Track day!


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