Digital rearview mirror for the automotive market


The idea of digital rearview mirror can be traced back to 2014 when Nissan introduced the Smart Rearview Mirror, a new technology that replaces the traditional rearview mirror with a wide-angle digital display, streaming live feed from a high-definition camera mounted at the back of the car. This feature aimed to expand the driver’s field of vision and eliminate obstruction from headrests, cargos in the back and the rear windshield frame. The invention has wowed the world and received several awards from world-famous journalistic associations and magazines.

Other car makers have also begun adding this feature into their car models. In 2016, Cadillac launched CT6 which is equipped with the Rear Camera Mirror,  as they named it. Furthermore, on the basis of the Rear Camera Mirror, Cadillac has made several improvements on the camera lens so that it can help reduce glare, adjust for low-light conditions, as well as to prevent the camera from getting dirty or fogging up by applying a water-shedding hydrophobic coating. 


In 2019, Toyota has also adapted this technology  in its new Toyota RAV4. Similar to Nissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror and Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror, Toyota RAV4 also utilizes the rear camera mounted up high on the rear windshield to obtain an unobstructed field of vision. To make it even more convenient, RAV4 integrated Homelink into the digital rearview mirror, so that you can program the universal transceiver buttons to remotely control your garage door and more. 


Aftermarket digital rearview mirrors

Since the idea of digital rearview mirrors has been introduced to the public, scores of aftermarkets digital rearview mirrors appear on the market. These aftermarket digital rearview mirror dash cams not only include all the features that the factory digital rearview mirrors have, but also added the functions of a dash cam. Which means in the case of a car accident, it will function as an electric witness and ease the process of insurance claim and fight against false accusations. Moreover, the aftermarket digital rearview mirrors can be mounted to almost all types of cars and they are much more affordable than upgrading to a new car. These extra advantages have made the aftermarket digital rearview mirror an even more desired car accessory to have. 

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