Introducing M3 3-channel 1080p digital rearview mirror dash cam

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Introducing M3 the ultimate 3-channel digital rearview mirror dash cam. M3 features 3-channel  full HD 1080p recording. M3 makes it easy to blanket your entire vehicle in video protection. The Front and rear cameras give you full coverage while driving on the road and eliminates all the blind spots you may have. With a simple swipe on the digital touch screen, you may easily toggle between the front, rear, and third camera. M3 comes with three mounting options for the third camera.


First option: License plate mount

license plate mountBy mounting the third camera on the front license plate, M3 can be a great help to look in front of tires.  This is especially beneficial for off-roaders, as it can help you pick the right lane when cresting over hills. It is also very helpful for lowered suspension vehicles. Lowered suspensions give you more control over the vehicle, but it also brings trouble when you try to park in front of a parking block. With the third camera mounted on the license plate, you can easily see the distance to the parking block and thus, avoid accidentally hitting the parking block. 


Second option: Windshield mount

windshield mountBy mounting the third camera on the front windshield, M3 becomes the best friend for ride-share drivers. Being a ride-share driver can be stressful. Most times, you get happy and satisfied passengers. Should things go wrong,  dash cam footage can not only bolster your insurance claims but also help you fight against false rider complaints.


Third option: Headrest mount

headrest mountM3 is also a perfect companion for families that have kids. The inside camera can help you keep an eye on your baby. There will be no more craning your neck to check on your baby. And you can always focus on the road while driving. 

Other features

G-sensor and loop-recording

M3 also comes with the G-sensor, aka, the accident detection feature that will help you lock crucial footage when accidents happen. Whereas, if nothing happens, the dash cam will automatically rewrite the oldest footage so the SD card will never get full and you will never have to worry about changing the SD card. 

Parking monitoring

If hardwired to the vehicle’s battery, M3 is able to provide 24 hours protection to your vehicle. A few seconds after you turn off your car, M3 is going to enter time-lapse parking mode. In time-lapse mode, the camera shoots 1, 5, or 10 pictures every second based on your setting. It turns a few hours into a few minutes of recording, which gives you a quick overview of everything that happens around your vehicle. If external forces are detected, the dash cam will wake up and shoot normal 1080p 30fps footage. The footage will also be locked and stored in the “event” folder for future review. 

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