Best dash cam for Uber/Lyft drivers

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Why ride-share drivers should get a dash cam

If you are working as a ride-share driver, no matter if you are working for Uber or Lyft, you should learn to protect yourself and your vehicle, because the platform will never be on your side when things happen and you don’t have solid proof to prove your innocence. A ride-share dash cam is crucial and essential for taxi drivers and ride-share drivers. 

Out-facing cameras

Equipping your car with both inside camera and outside cameras is vital. At the very least you should have a single-lens dash cam that points outward towards traffic. The outfacing camera records the route that you take and the traffic condition for each ride. In normal days, it records and rewrites the SD card if nothing happens. However, should you get involved in a car accident, you would be appreciative that you have your dash cam installed. For most modern dash cams, when an accident happens, the dash cam would automatically lock to footage and save it for future review. This feature saves your time and energy to collect evidence to prove who’s at fault in an accident and can largely prevent you from being scammed by insurance scammers and might even help you to fight against a traffic ticket. 

In-cabin camera

If the outside camera is essential for every driver, then an inside camera is more uniquely designed for ride-share drivers and taxi drivers. Having a dash cam with a cabin camera will not only provide a piece of evidence when some passenger is misbehaving inside of the vehicle but will also prevent it from happening. Almost all the ride-share drivers have experienced some sort of weird lift in their shift. And a good amount of ride-share drivers have claimed the problematic cases have decreased sharply once they notice the passenger that a cabin camera is actively recording. Note: in many states, a visible notice is required to record in cabin video and audio.  Another aspect of a cabin camera is audio. Verbal abuse can be common after midnight outside bars. You will want to dispute any actions against you whether that be bad reviews or even police reports.

The trending 3-channel digital rearview mirror dash cam. 

Acumen recently introduced the M3 digital rearview mirror that accommodates all the needs for ride-share drivers. What makes it stand out from most dash cams on the market?

  • 3-channel system (records from three camera angles simultaneously)
  • 3 cameras 1080p recording
  • Live feed to the digital rearview mirror
  • Parking mode (if hardwired)
  • Designed specifically to record front, rear, and inside the vehicle at all times
  • Records both audio and video (audio recording can be disabled if necessary)

The three channel system protects your vehicle from outside to inside. The two out-facing cameras can easily cover what’s happening outside the vehicle. While the inside camera records your conversation between you and your passenger. The live feed from the rear camera mounted at the very end of the vehicle eliminates all the blind spots that may be caused by tall passengers, cargos or any other types of vision blocks, leveling up your vehicle’s safety level. The parking mode will provide extra protection to your car when you are away. If offers up to 24 hours of time lapse recording after you shut off your vehicle, scaring away thieves and window breakers. To learn more about M3 digital rearview mirror, please check out our product page. 

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