Distracted driving is dangerous!

Driving is dangerous. Most people got into an accident not because they were speeding or they were driving under the influence, but from distractions! When driving at an average speed of 55 mph, it takes an average of three seconds for a car accident to happen. Most people blame that cellphone-using when driving is the main cause for accidents. In fact, driving with children is 12 times as distracting as using cell phones. 

Driving with children is 12 times more distracting as cell phone-using while driving

According to a recent study conducted by a group of Australian researchers, parents took their eyes off the road to check on their children for an average of three and half minutes in a single 16 minutes trip. Most times, parents will have a quick peek at their children in the rear-view-mirror to make sure that they are safe and comfortable. But sometimes, if the baby is crying or screaming, then the parent might have to crank over and figure out what is going on with their baby and that’s when driving with children can get very dangerous. 

Car baby monitors

M3 DIGITAL REARVIEW MIRROR BABY MONITORThanks to the researchers for bringing this issue up to the public. The shrewd businessman quickly came up with a solution: baby monitor for cars. You must be familiar with baby monitors. A baby monitor, also known as a baby alarm, is a radio system used to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. As technology advances, now parents can not only listen to their baby but also watch their baby on their phone. It is such a handy invention. Almost every family that has a baby has a baby monitor. A baby monitor helps you monitor the baby when you are away from your baby. Similarly, a baby monitor in a car uses the same principles as a baby monitor. It provides live feed of the infant/toddler image through the camera facing the baby. A monitor is usually located somewhere on the dashboard or the windshield so that it is easier for parents to check on their baby without turning over. 

Adding baby monitor feature to a digital rearview mirror dash cam

Considering the large demand for baby monitors of parent drivers, Acumen has also taken baby monitors for cars into consideration. This March, Acumen introduced a three-channel digital rearview mirror camera system that offers the baby monitor feature to help parents safely check on their baby when driving. 

M3 digital rearview mirror

M3 Digital Rearview Mirror


The M3 digital rearview mirror dash cam features 3-channel 1080p cameras. The front and rear cameras capture footage on the road, while the in-cabin camera keeps an eye on the baby in the car seat. The 12” digital rearview mirror replaces your factory rearview mirror, offering an unrivaled live feed of the baby in the car. Check on the baby with a simple glimpse in the mirror. No more dangerously turning over your head to check on the baby while your eye should stay on the road. Always keep a peace of mind behind the wheel. Learn more about M3…





M3 feature highlights:

  • Great for seeing rear-facing car-seats and toddlers.
  • Multiple mounting positions
  • 3-channel 1080p cameras
  • Live feed and recorded footage
  • High-definition camera with a clear view day or night.
  • Incident detection and loop recording
  • Parking Monitoring (if hardwired)

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