We highly recommend the professional installation of our digital rearview mirror. You might find a nearby stereo shop that does the professional installation for you by entering your zip code in the map below.

      If you are very handy and tech-savvy, then please follow the instructions below to complete the installation. 

      Hardwire installation

      1.  Identify the cables in your hardwire kit. 

      You may find three cables in your hardwire kit, with black being the ground cable, red being the accessory cable, and yellow being the battery cable.

      1. Locate the fuse box in your car

      The fuse box should be located in either the engine compartment, in the driver’s side footwell or the glove compartment. 

      1.  Identify constant power fuse, Accessories fuse, and the ground point

      You may refer to your vehicle’s user’s manual to identify the three fuses or buy a multimeter to identify the constant power fuse. If you choose to use a multimeter, first turn your car completely off, then connect the grounding clip to a bare metal point (bare, unpainted metal, otherwise the circuit won’t close) then, probe the fuse by touching the circuit tester to the exposed metal prongs to determine which ones are constant power. 

      Then turn your ignition to “on” position (you don’t necessarily have to turn the car on) Then test the fuse again. Probe the cold fuses again, if it lights up, then you found the accessories fuse.


      If you drive a Dodge, the installation would be completely different. 

      hardwire kit installation for Dodge

      The yellow wire (the positive wire) should avoid the fuse box and connect directly to the positive terminal on the car’s battery. 

      The red cable (the accessory cable) should connect to the positive pole of the car’s cigarette lighter. 

      And the black cable (the ground cable) should connect to the negative pole of the car’s cigarette lighter. 


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