How do I connect my Acumen Mirror Dash Cam to Wi-Fi?

Notice: Different from the home Wi-Fi network signal which allows you to surf the internet, the Wi-Fi feature in a dash cam only allows you to pair up your smartphone and your dash cam. It allows you to view, download and share your footages on your phone. However, you can not access your dash cam from far away, for example, you are at home or in the office, due to the limited range of the Wi-Fi signal. 

What is Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct makes it easy to download and share your footage. It allows you to send footage from your Acumen Mirror Dash Cam directly to your phone without having to remove the SD card or using a laptop. Footage becomes easily accessible through your phone and footage can be shared easily on all major platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and more. You are also encouraged to share your footage with Acumen through #CaughtOnAcumen Program and feature your video on all Acumen social media. 

It is especially crucial in the case of a car accident. Through Wi-Fi connection, you may download the footage immediately and show it to the other driver or law enforcement personnels to avoid scams or disputes. You may also send the accident footage to your insurance provider so that they can fight better for you right.


Let’s talk about how to connect your smart phone to your dash cam’s Wi-Fi.

Notice: Wi-Fi can only be used on iOS (12.0 or later) and Android (5.0 and up) devices. The AcumenCam App can be downloaded for free via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Video Tutorial: Connecting to Wi-Fi 


Step 1: Download the Acumen App

On your iPhone, go to the app store, and type in “Acumen”. Find the Acumen app and tap download. Once finished downloading, you may open the App. 

Acumen App on ios app store      Acumen mirror dash cam app

Step 2: Turn on Wi-Fi on Acumen Mirror Dash Cam

To turn on wifi, you need to stop recording first and then go to the settings. Find the Wi-Fi feature and turn on the Wi-Fi. You should be seeing the dash cam’s Wi-Fi name and password on the screen. 

WiFi Direct feature in the settings                    Turning on WiFi on dash cam

Step 3: Once turned on, open your phone’s Wi-Fi setting and find the dash cam’s wifi and type in the password. Then wait for the WiFi to be connected. 

Finding dash cam wifi in wifi settings            Enter Wifi Password for Acumen dash cam

Step 4: Open the Acumen App

Once Wi-Fi is connected, you may open the Acumen app. The camera icon will lead you to the camera live view. And the video files icons will lead you to video files. If Wi-Fi is connected, the dash cam footages will be automatically shown here. 

Acumen wifi direct and app connectivity

Step 5: Select & download the video

To download, you need to tap “select” then select the footage you would like to download, and then tap “download” to download the footage.

Select the footage to download


Step 6:  View the footage on your phone

Once downloaded, you may view your downloads in “phone storage”. In phone storage, find the footage you just downloaded and tap the play button to play the video and you can see the corresponding location info on the map below.

View GPS info on Acumen app


Which Acumen Mirror Dash Cams have the Wi-Fi direct feature?  

Most of Acumen Mirror Dash Cams features Wi-Fi Direct and App Connectivity

Acumen XR10 Plus Mirror Dash Cam

Acumen XR10 4K Mirror Dash Cam

M3 Plus

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