M4 Mirror Dash Cam 2CH/3CH


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Acumen M4 Mirror DVR features 3-camera(optional) recording, WDR-enhanced Video quality, GPS logging system, parking mornitoing and blind spot reduction.

  • [3 channel 1080p Full HD recording]: All three cameras records in 1080P. Live footage view. Toggle between different camera view with a simple swipe on the digital screen
  • [GPS Logging System]: M4 Mirror Dash Cam comes with a GPS logger. The GPS antenna that allows you to record accurate driving data such as driving speed and location information. You would be able to view dashcam footage and GPS track playback simultaneously.
  • [WiFi Direct & App Connectivity]: Wi-Fi Direct enables M4 Mirror Dash Cam to transfer footages to mobile devices through our application AcumenCam, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store!
  • [G-sensor and parking mode]: Automatically locks the footage if an incident is detected. And if hardwired the mirror dash cam to the vehicle’s fuse box, M4 Mirror Dash Cam will provide 24hr surveillance to your vehicle.

What’s in the package?

  • M4 Mirror DVR (MDVR)
  • 1080P WDR Rear Camera
  • 1080P WDR 3rd Camera(optional)
  • 18ft 3rd Camera Cable(optional)
  • GPS Antenna
  • 32ft Rear Cam Cable
  • Hardwire Kit
  • User Manual
  • 64GB SD Card
  • SD Card Reader
  • Wire Cutter

Warranty: 1 Year

Embark on a thrilling journey with Acumen, transforming your driving experience into a safer and more exhilarating adventure. Our intelligent rearview mirror dashcam introduces an unparalleled vision and intelligent protection, ensuring a driving experience like never before!

Acumen’s groundbreaking flagship product, the Smart Rearview Mirror M4, boasts a 4K UHD wide-angle camera that captures every detail with vivid clarity. Enhanced by advanced night vision technology, it guarantees crystal-clear recordings even on the darkest roads.The intricately designed internal circuit features a high-frequency impact-resistant design, customized for navigating rough terrains with precision.The seamlessly integrated external wiring design eliminates connectivity issues caused by driving vibrations. The top-to-bottom convection cooling structure, coupled with high-quality heat-dissipating metal materials, provides a dual guarantee for the M4’s flawless operation even in scorching temperatures.

Acumen M4 ensures around-the-clock protection, even when you’re away from your vehicle. With collision detection and parking monitoring features, it stands vigilant, ensuring the safety of your vehicle at all times. Empowered by intelligent sensors that automatically identify and record crucial driving events. Seamlessly connect to your smartphone via WiFi, allowing you to view and share exciting moments from your journeys anytime, anywhere.

Acumen M4 boasts not only ultra-high-definition resolution, support for a 256GB storage card, and GPS tracking but also the ability to upgrade to three channels of simultaneous Full HD recording. With a comprehensive set of technical specifications, it guarantees the perfect documentation of every journey.

Redefine your driving experience with the seamless fusion of high-quality video, intelligent protection, and user-friendly operation. Acumen M4, the preferred choice of thousands, offers unparalleled protection for your vehicle.