5Pin WDR Rear Camera 200Ai


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[WDR] The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology allows brightens the dark area in the footage and dims the too-bright area in the footage.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology enables the camera to process multiple brightness levels to form one superior image, and thus, allows the rear cam to record crystal clear footage in high-constrast lighting conditions, such as going through a tunnel, and high beam from vehicles behind.

[1080p Resolution] The WDR rear camera records in 1080p full HD at 30fps.

[Wide-Angle Lens] 160° wide-angle lens allows drivers to have a wider field of view of the rear traffic.


Warranty: 1 Year

Note: If you are buying the WDR enhanced rear cam to upgrade XR10 and XR10 Plus digital rearview mirror, please remember to purchase a 32ft 5pin rear camera cable. Because the original rear cam cable is not compatible with the WDR-enhanced rear camera.